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Peace Beads Mission Statement

Peace Beads™ is committed to generating global peace, envisioning a world in which every human being may enjoy freedom and self-expression. Today’s Peace Beads™ are a symbol of this vision, given by one person to another in the same spirit that made original peace beads popular in the 1960s.

Peace Beads™ are made with seven gemstones, gifts of the earth that have been chosen for their beauty and unifying energy. Each gemstone symbolizes one of the seven continents and represents our connection with one another as we embark on a journey of peaceful solutions to resolve our differences. The unique blending of beads and gemstones represents the blending of people worldwide.

Peace Beads™ are made by communities in need, fostering the opportunity for increased stability and prosperity. Our first design is specially crafted by Native Americans of the North American High Plains, bringing together members of different tribes working harmoniously, creating a model for international peace.

Peace Beads™ draws from the wisdom of the many great traditions represented by each manufacturing community. The High Plains Native Americans teach us that peace between nations begins with true peace within the souls of individuals. It is by nurturing and sharing this inner peace that we invent a world of freedom and compassion. Wearing and giving Peace Beads™ symbolizes the first step in this movement embracing global peace.

In an effort to further promote global peace, Peace Beads™ supports various non-profitgroups, schools and communities that share our philosophy. These relationships enable us to assist in raising funds to support the overall cause and to reach more people with the message of peace and freedom.

Crash and The Sheild's Michael Pena and The Proud Family and Six Feet Under's Alisa Reyes supporting Peace Beads™
Sixties artist Janis Joplin always had her Peace Beads™ on.

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